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Low mod silicone sealant

Perimeter sealant

Non-toxic, solventfree, low modulus multipurpose one component silicone sealant (RTV-1), based on a neutral oxime curing system.

  • 310ml Tube
  • High quality
  • Good Adhesion to most materials including plastics and non-pourus surfaces
  • Skin over time = 10mins

*** BULK DISCOUNT AVAILABLE: phone 01934 622960 for details ***


External perimeter sealent.


Easy to tool,Low mod, flexible, fast curing, Colourfast.


Anti-fungal bathroom and Kitchen silicone

310ml Tube

  • Easy to use
  • Very fast curing
  • Flexible


Kitchens, bathrooms. Ceramic tiles. Worktops. Damp areas.


Resistant to fungus, abrasion and detergents. Available in Brilliant white and transparent. Good adhesion to glass and ceramics. Very fast curing. Colourfast.

Parabond Adhesives : Advanced polymer "Instant grab" Hi-tack Adhesive range

290ml Tubes

These amazing products are all non solvent so safe to use on most materials. This family of adhesives all have truly excellent adhesion as well as being anti-fungal, making "Parabond Construction" the ideal adhesive for fixing showing cladding straight onto existing tiles and completley elimantes the need for unsightly grouting. THESE PRODUCTS REALLY DO GRAB INSTANTLY saving you time on your installation!

Also suitable as all weather sealant for sealing around windows doors and much more even in heavy rain!

New Parabond Construction is one of our best sellers offerring superb adhesion to most materials. Parabond Construction grabs instantly but alows you to adjust posision if needed as well as being anti-fungal and paintable. This product works great as a panel adhesive and is non solvent so won't react with most products including EPDM rubber roofing.

New Parabond Transparent is based on the parabond construction above but is crystal clear while still maintaining excellent adhesion.

New Parabond 700 Boasts an incredible 32kg per cm2 grab! Ideal for sticking heavy objects over head and still grabbing instantly


Marine Grade Adhesive\Sealent

310ml Tube

Parabond Marine Parquet - Paintable and sandable, Parabond Marine Parquet is a elastic hybrid polymer based adhesive and joint sealer. For bonding, deck caulking, hatches, bedding, deck furniture sanitary ware, skin and cabin fittings, buoy seams...Excellent adhesion to wood, stainless steel, glass, GRP, aluminum, plastics and ceramics,... When used for deck caulking we recommend the use of a primer. Can be sanded after full cure. Fungal resistant, paint-able. Vibration dampening. UV-resistant, permanently elastic and resistant to seawater. Easy to apply

SMX506 Self cleaning glass sealent

290ml Tube

SMX®506 is the only sealant approved by both St Gobain and Pilkington for use with their self cleaning glass systems. This Self Cleaning Glass Silicone must be used when installing a self cleaning glass system.

  • Paintable once cured!


Premium Paracryl Acrylic Caulk/Gap filler

310ml Tube

PARACRYL SNJF can be used on all porous surfaces such as, brick, concrete, wood, etc. PARACRYL SNJF can also be applied for joints between windows, walls, doors, and window ledges, etc.


  • Excellent adhesion on all porous surfaces
  • Paintable
  • Odourless
  • Easy to apply and finish


Parafix Cement Repair\filler

310ml Tubes

For repairing cracks and filling holes in walls and for repairing joints between bricks and facade masonry.Also appropriate for joints on walls, window sills, ect. Appropriate for all porous surfaces such as plaster, stone, concrete, wood ect.

  • Unsuitable for permanent water immersion.
  • Can be repainted once sufficiently cured.

USE: Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. Do not use in freezing temperatures.

Ideal for filling cracks in concrete


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