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Chartwell Green Silicone (Premium Low Mod)

Chartwell Green Silicone (Premium Low Mod) DLAM85CG

Perimeter sealant (chartwell green) 310ml Tube

Parasilico chartwell green silicone is suitable for chartwell green windows, fascias and other foiled upvc products.

AACWESTON.COM are proud to stock a vast range of professional grade high performance silicones at extremly competative prices. All products have been "field tested" and are 100% aproved by us and the local building comunity. Large and repeat orders are eligible for bulk discounts.

Parasilico AM 85-1 has an adhesive strength without primer on the majority of materials used in building and engineering industries such as glass, aluminium, steel, abs, stainless steel, anodised steel, treated wood, PVCu etc. Parasilico AM 85-1 can also be used on laminated glass (does not affect the layer PVB) and double glass (does not affect the butyl sealing), alkali surfaces such as concrete, bricks. In this case the use of a primer is recommended.

*** BULK DISCOUNT AVAILABLE: phone 01934 622960 for details ***


  • chartwell green siliconeExternal perimeter sealent.
  • Sealing around windows, doors, fascias ect..


  • Ral Colour : 6021 - Suibtable for Chartwell Green: BS 14 C 35**
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free
  • Low modulus.
  • High quality
  • Good Adhesion to most materials including: plastics and non-pourus surfaces
  • Fast curing time (10mins)
  • Easy to tool,
  • Flexible,
  • Fast curing,
  • Colourfast


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