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Parabond Instant Grab Adhesive (Transparent)

Parabond Instant Grab Adhesive (Transparent) DLPARABONDCL
290ml Tube

New Parabond Transparent is our new amazing crystal clear high strength instant grab adhesive, Although Parabond Construction grabs instantly to surfaces, you do have time to re-position if needed. Allow 24 hours for full curing. This Adhesive is also anti-fungal and paint-able. Parabond construction also works great in damp applications making it a great "all weather" perimeter sealant.

This product is also heavily used as a bathroom/shower panel adhesive used for sticking cladding panels directly onto tiles instantly with no fuss and being Non-Solvent is safe to use on a wide variety of materials including EPDM rubber roofing.

*** BULK DISCOUNT AVAILABLE: phone 01934 622960 for details ***


Parabond Construction has a excellent adhesive strength without primer on most common materials in the building industry such as glass, aluminum, glazed tiles, polyester, ABS, polystyrene, steel, treated wood, natural stone... Highly suited for sealing on slightly humid surfaces without bubble forming.

These amazing products are all non solvent so safe to use on most materials. This family of adhesives all have truly excellent adhesion as well as being anti-fungal, making "Parabond Construction" the ideal adhesive for fixing showing cladding straight onto existing tiles and completley elimantes the need for unsightly grouting.

THIS PRODUCT REALLY DOES GRAB INSTANTLY saving you time on your installation!

Also suitable as all weather sealant for sealing around windows doors and much more even in heavy rain!


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