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Soffits and Cladding

Hollow Soffit and Accessories (Interlocking - Tongue and Groove)

Used for protecting the underside of the roof and providing ventilation.

Shiplap Cladding and Accessories

Shiplap cladding covers 150mm x 5Mtrs, interlocks and is ideal for facework, Comes with a 10 year guarantee on all colours.

Flat Soffit Boards

Flat Board or Flat Soffit is a multi purpose product mainly often used as a alternative to the 3 plank hollow soffit listed above, Boards available with vent strips and without...Also great for uPVC skirting and many other applications.

Durasid (NEW)

Decorative interlocking sideings for external cladding of buildings and caravans, Available in 150mm and 300mm wide panels 5MTRS long.