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Composite Decking

Decking in wood composite

Duofuse ® is a mix of wood flour and plastic, this means the warmth and look of solid wood combined with the unique properties of plastic.


  • Will not rot, swell, splinter or split.
  • Easy to clean and to install.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Slip resistant, brushed surface.
  • Minimal discolouration, maintains original look.
  • Guaranteed 10 years for all mechanical properties and against all ant and insect attacks.


The decking is mounted on support beams and the fixing is with especially designed clips to avoid visible fixing. Do not leave more than 50cm between the beams and respect the following expansion gaps : 5mm in width, 5mm per running meter in length with a minimum of 15mm between a board and a wall. Beams have to be fixed to the ground in a proper way.

(For further installation details we refer to our installation guide).

AAC WESTON LTD offers a 10 years warranty for all mechanical properties of the Duofuse® decking and against all ant and insect attacks.

AAC WESTON LTD disclaims responsibility for damage caused by, or failure of, the product as a result of faulty installation caused by failure to follow the installation instructions that were available on the AAC WESTON LTD website at the time of installation. Failure to follow these instructions will void AAC WESTON LTD warranty. This warranty means we will replace damaged products. All works, withdrawing and replacing decking and related costs (eg. transport costs) are excluded from warranty


Special cleaning products are not necessary. For normal maintenance a high pressure cleaner can be used (max. 80 bar) or just use normal domestic detergents. Do not use solvents ! The Duofuse® decking is easy to clean and special cleaning products are not necessary. For normal maintenance a high pressure cleaner can be used (max. 80 bar). A mild cleaning product can be used. A rotating head is dissuaded. Grease stain and oil can be cleaned with a domestic degreasing agent. For persistent dirt, use a diluted bleach solution (25% bleach 10° and 75% water). Do not use solvent base materials. To keep a good drainage it is necessary to clean the space between each board.

In case of stains:

  • Removing the stain immediately: this is the best situation, the stain does not dry and penetrate the material. Clean with water and a mild soap solution.
  • The stain isn’t removed immediately: this is the worst situation, the stain can dry and penetrate the material. Thoroughly clean with high pressure cleaner.

Scour in the direction of the grooves, the slight decolouration will even out in 6 to 10 weeks.